Tona: a tale of taste

After the success of the previous collaboration between McCann and Tona, the end of the year was the perfect time for another impressive creation, a corporate TV spot. “Tona Co” is one of the well-known companies in the Albanian meat-processing industry founded in 1992.

Lately, the company implemented vertical integration, by investing in one of the largest and most modern meat collection and meat-processing plants in Albania. As a result, both companies merged in one company, under the name of “Tona – Alb”.

This time, McCann Tirana was tasked to convey through a corporate TV Spot the evolution and achievements of the company as well remind people of the commitment of “Tona – Alb” to deliver to its customers, high quality products packed with delicious taste and nutritional values.

To highlight the values of the “Tona” brand and present a part of their history and tradition over the years, the creative concept reinforces the brand image by creating an emotional connection with the viewer.

The commercial treatment is narrative, recalling the connection with nature, Korça traditions and the carefully selected products, to be part of every table. These values are personified by a cycle of characters, passing on from generation to generation. In this journey from the past to the future, the products are the ones that connect generations between them, carrying brand values and preserving the taste tradition throughout the years.

This campaign also includes two radio spots that amplify the message, bringing Tona’s story in a very pleasant way.


Client Service Director / Çeltina Lloshi

Creative Director / Flonia Vasia Gjollma

Senior Account Manager / Jonida Zguro


Production House / Anima Pictures