British Council prepares young people for the careers of the future

One million children in the Western Balkans could become IT experts of the future thanks to UK funding to a project that improves education standards across the region under the British Council’s “21st Century Schools” program.

The program aims to teach children the essential skills, including critical thinking, problem solving and coding, necessary to succeed in the 21st century and in the digital economy. This will create more job opportunities for young people in the future, which will help support stability and prosperity in all the Western Balkans.

For the event in Albania, British Council, following the previous experience, chose to collaborate with McCann Tirana. In this case, the agency had the task of organizing and managing the “Programming competition” event and providing PR support.

The organization of this event also included the creative concept, the design and production of all elements as banners, roll ups, Gifts, well as the decoration of the space and the supply of technical audio and video systems.

The interest of the media was great both during and after the event. Online media, Print and TV, covered the competition.


Junior Art Director / Anila Kondi

Creative Director / Flonia Vasia Gjollma

Client Service Director / Celtina Lloshi

BTL Manager / Flavia Hitaj

PR Coordinator / Ita Semi