Beauty and esthetics come together as TESS

Tirana Esthetics & Style School (TESS), launched recently in Tirana, is the professional school that helps youngsters turn their passion for esthetics and makeup into a profession.

Modern facilities, well-known international collaborators, highly skilled and well trained staff in makeup, esthetics, dermatology and other related topics, turns TESS into the most serious attempt of recent times for a professional school and the best opportunity for students of these profiles. The project was treated as such from its genesis and this status would have to be further perceived by its name, logo, identity, visual style and be further expanded on other communication channels. This was one of the most important assignments entrusted to the agency.

TESS comes together from an inspiration, a desire to make beauty and esthetics a lifestyle, part of everyday life. In line with this philosophy and spirit, the approach and the graphical style is elegant and sophisticated, maintaining focus on the main message: the bring on high standards and professionalism of the school. The identity is complemented by the main message, a call at the audience to follow their passion by building a career as professionals of style and esthetics.

At the same time, the application of the visual identity included the creation of a website that would encompass the same communication tone across all necessary information for TESS, detailed study programs, partners, photo gallery and contacts.

With the main objective to raise awareness and make the brand and the webpage more accessible, the opening of the school was coupled with an online and radio campaign that were further complemented by the PR and influencer campaign undertaken by TESS.


Senior Art Director / Gazmend Pinjolli

Art Director / Flonia Vasia Gjollma

Junior Art Director / Ana Hoxha

BTL Manager / Energita Çekrezi

Media Supervisor / Elona Zebi

Head of Digital / Elvin Civici