Doors of Tomorrow: a story of friendship

The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation has been in the Balkans since 1991, allocating more than 1 billion euros for the sustainable development and the advancement of human rights in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo.

To this end, AICS Tirana, in collaboration with the Italian Embassy of Tirana and the NGOs implementing Cooperation projects in the region, aimed to launch an integrated campaign communicating the importance of cooperation and closeness between our countries and at the same time, provide visibility to the many results achieved by the Italian Albanian Cooperation System.

The agency was tasked to build momentum regarding the communication campaign and further empower all communication activities by trying to engage the audience further. In order to accommodate these objectives, the campaign was planned in three phases with the creative approach aligned across multiple channels and several communication touchpoints.

Phase 1: The teaser

Aiming to celebrate the main message of cooperation and closeness, the agency expanded the idea of bringing down the walls that divide us and keeps us from communicating and morphing this theme into an activation. To this end, a symbolic wall was built overnight on Skanderbeg square (Tirana’s main square) teasing every passerby that Tomorrow shall be free from walls.

A couple of days after the display was up, demonstrating the promise, the wall was torn down revealing the message that the future comes through cooperation.

Beside the obvious display in OOH, the teaser campaign was supported via PR and digital as well, targeting mainly stakeholders, representatives of the government and the local business community.

Phase 2: The event

The event represented the peak of the campaign, bringing together the main stakeholders in a ceremony opened by the Italian Ambassador to Tirana, the Deputy Prime Minister of Albania and the Representative of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in the Western Balkans. The event was also used to launch an exhibition of works that would symbolize the main directions of the cooperation between the two countries.

The agency was responsible on the organization of the event, design and production of the materials, branding and refreshments, audio/video support and translation equipment / services. Communication channels included PR and digital.

Phase 3: Post-event

Seven side events were held as post communication phase of the campaign. Each of the side event was designed to bring together professionals and stakeholders discussing the main cooperation projects between the two countries. The agency was responsible for the design and production of the giveaway materials and support in the digital communication.

AICS Tirana Doors of Tomorrow side events


Art Director / Flonia Vasia Gjollma

Jr. Art Director / Ana Hoxha

Graphic Designer / Nertila Pere

Creative Director / Gazmend Pinjolli

Account Director / Alma Avllazagaj

BTL Manager / Energita Çekrezi

Head of Digital / Elvin Civici


DOP / Geljant Kaleci