German October, a month of inspiration

“Inspiring People” – the slogan of German foreign policy on culture and education became the theme of the 12th edition of German October in Albania, a series of events and activities organized by the German Embassy in Tirana. For the fifth year in a row, McCann Tirana was tasked to create the visual identity of the event.

Inspired by this year’s thematic, the agency came up with the idea that inspiration goes both ways, such as the concept “Inspire to be inspired”. Every person working on an NGO or organization is contributing toward the same goal: “Inspiring People” but also it is them who are “Inspired but the People” that makes them continue.

This correlation between both sides is visualized as books spines symbolizing that each name is a separate book of stories; while on copy we claim “Inspired by People” that are the source of all this library full of books. The many colors present in the visual are conceptualized in such way in order to be perceived as a symbiosis of diversity.

German October 2018 poster

Application of the key visual extended to a brochure, which provided the public with all the information for each of the events planned in October.

Other applications included posters, roll-up banners, promotional materials, OOH and social media.


Junior Art Director / Ana Hoxha

Junior Art Director / Nertila Pere

Creative Director / Gazmend Pinjolli

Senior Account Manager / Albi Beqiraj

PR Coordinator / Ita Semi

Media Manager / Elona Zebi