Coca-Cola Summer Festival: The “Wow” Edition

If you were walking down the center of Tirana during the last scorching days of July, you would certainly feel a fresh taste electrifying the air. Construction workers and specialized trucks were laying down sound system, lighting and all other sort of equipment on Skanderbeg Square, the biggest open space in town, venue of the biggest summer event in the city and at the same time the stage for some of the most famous Albanian musicians: “Coca-Cola Summer Festival”.

Building upon the great success of the first edition of Coca-Cola Summer Festival last year, expectations were high. Working on the concept and on the festival idea, studying and analyzing plenty of insights and feedbacks, McCann Tirana came out with the idea that there is something missing in summer. And what was missing are the unexpected emotions, the feeling of satisfaction and surprise, exactly what Coca-Cola offers in one bottle and in every sip.

So this was the summer of saying WOW, not only to the taste, but to emotions as well. Thus we sought to bring forward the Coca-Cola brand and play an active role in enabling people to experience a worthy summer and enable them to taste daily refreshing moments.

The Coca-Cola Summer Festival came this second edition as a kept promise to awaken music emotions this summer with an experience that is worth living and sharing, with the main goal of turning to a beautiful tradition year after year by The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) and Coca-Cola Bottling Shqipëria (CCBS) as it is already in many other countries, where the most famous music names are in the main squares of the most famous cities.

The night of 25th July turned out to be an unforgettable one, not only for the people who made it to be present at the Skanderbeg Square, the main square of Tirana, but also for them who could watch the concert from their TV at home and this year even from real time Instagram coverage.

The stage belonged to some of the best artists of our modern music. Names such as Eugent Bushpepa, Arilena Ara, Young Zerka, West Side Family, Ylli Limani, Offchestra, Dhurata Dora, Lynx, Samanta Karavella were the performers of the night, together with the main artist of the night, Eleni Foureira, the rising Cypriot-Albanian singer.

This year was the second step to becoming the main protagonist of summer emotions in Tirana and also to enable everyone to get in touch with Coca-Cola as a brand.

The Summer Festival served as both a culmination and ending of an awesome month of Coca-Cola and football celebrations and also a kick off of a summer promotion that will enable many winners to be part of a unique wow experience through playing with Coca-Cola.


Jr. Art Director / Nertila Pere

Jr. Art Director / Ana Hoxha

Art Director / Kamela Kondili

Creative Director / Gazmend Pinjolli

Account Manager / Albi Beqiraj

Digital Account Manager / Jonida Zguro

Media Manager / Elona Zebi


Photography / Andis Rado