TAP marks the installation of the Turbo Compressors in Albania

In June, Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) marked an important step in its progress, the successful installation of turbo-compressors at the Compressor station in Fier, a special moment that turns Fier into a strategic point in the maps for TAP and Ionian Adriatic Pipeline (IAP).

This stage of the project and the successful installation of three compressors required organized communication, so TAP tasked McCann Tirana to organize the event and to manage the media coverage.

Organization of this event also included creative design of all elements, space decoration, proposals for terrain arrangement, implementation of a floorplan and supervision of the schedule.

During the activity, participants were introduced to the project progress through banners and videos.

The event was held at the Compressor Station in Fier, an area equal to approximately 25 football fields. 150 guests attended the event, among them the Prime Minister of Albania, Mr. Edi Rama, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, Mr. Damian Gjiknuri, Minister of Finance and Economy, Mr. Arben Ahmetaj, and high representatives of TAP project.

The event was covered live from some of the most important national and local TV stations, while after the event, the news was covered by all online, print and TV media.


Graphic Designer / Nertila Pere

Art Director / Kamela Kondili

Jr. Art Director / Ana Hoxha

Creative Director / Gazmend Pinjolli

PR Manager / Ervin Qafmolla

BTL Manager / Ani Xhetani