Sprite keeps it cool during Tirana’s blazing heat

The Oasis of Refreshment campaign by Sprite saw several thousand citizens of Tirana escape the otherwise unavoidable scorching heat of August. It also received the cooperation of the municipality to make the project bigger.

As Albania’s capital city was stricken by an intense heatwave, similarly to other European and Balkan cities, for many, waiting for the bus was an unbearable experience.

The Coca-Cola Company tasked McCann Tirana to create an innovative outdoor activation that would connect the Sprite brand message with its audience in a smart and simple manner.

To this end, McCann identified some of the busiest and hottest bus stops in the town center, which were exposed to the sun for most of the day, and installed cooling fans to turn them into Oases of Refreshment. The fans were also equipped with sprinklers for extra freshness. The stations were branded with the campaign message “Refresh your wait”.

The Mayor of Tirana, who cooperated on the project, also eyed to further extend the intervention to other bus stations in the near future. The idea was also quickly picked by the media and within a day was spread by the main Albanian news websites, portals and influencer pages, crossing the borders of the country.

sprite oasis of refreshment coverage and posts

The installation was appreciated by more than 20K people using or passing by the bus stops. The summer of 2019 is expected to mark the equipment of several other stops with the intervention of the Municipality of Tirana.


Junior Art Director / Nertila Pere

Art Director / Kamela Kondili

Creative Director / Gazmend Pinjolli

BTL Manager / Ani Xhetani

Senior Account Manager / Albi Beqiraj

Senior Account Manager / Jonida Zguro

Media Manager / Elona Zebi


DOP / Geljant Kaleci