German October: A journey to friendship

Following on the past successful experiences, The German Embassy in Tirana, once again this year organized the “German October”. For the eighth consecutive year now the “German October” is a month long series of events that celebrate the friendship between Germany and Albania through activities such as theater plays, movies, concerts, discussions, art galleries etc.

The German Embassy in Tirana sought to break the routine through a powerful visual identity for the “German October 2014” and a theme for this year that could fully transmit the core message of the activities and that could promote the strong ties between the two countries.

With this task in hand the Agency decided to deliver a Visual Identity that was both different from the past years and in line with the traditional identity of the “German October”. The concept of the visual was based around the slogan “Beyond borders, a journey to friendship” with the idea to consider the “German October” as a journey, as way of going beyond borders, to new challenges, inviting people to join this month of friendship celebration.

german october 2014 poster

The Key Visual was extended to an unconventional brochure that served as an Events Calendar. The brochure was intended to provide all the needed information for the month long list of events and fit in one’s pocket easily.

In order to raise awareness for the “German October” an OOH campaign was implemented in Tirana with Citylights in selected key areas of the city. Apart from the visual exposed on one side of the citylights, the calendar of the events was also communicated on the other side in order to provide with information everyone who wanted to attend the events.


Art Director / Flonia Vasia Gjollma

Account Manager / Albi Beqiraj

Account Director / Alma Avllazagaj

Media Supervisor / Elona Zebi