Fanta: Excellent Taste of Lemon

In July 2014, Fanta, the global brand of fruit-flavoured soft drink from The Coca-Cola Company, introduced in Albania a new flavour in Fanta Lemon. The formula of the new Fanta Lemon for the Albanian market was decided after blind tests with dedicated focus groups and the launch campaign of this new product was trusted to the capable hands of the agency.

The request was quite demanding: the implementation of a strategic approach that would obviously aim to build brand awareness and engage with customers at multiple points.

The message of the arrival of the new Fanta Lemon was at first delivered by a conventional advertising campaign. A playful and refreshing TVC announced the imminent arrival of the product, a message reinforced further by bold OOH visuals.

At the same time, an unconventional campaign kicked off. The same message was tailored and consistently delivered in a more personal manner by a combination of POS materials and extended BTL activations.

During a period of 20 days, the agency implemented public sampling activities that gave customers a chance to try the new Fanta Lemon. The product was strictly given away as a gift and was served cold in specific locations in Tirana, DurrĂ«s and Vlora – a perfect combination to battle the heat of the Mediterranean summer.

fanta lemon sampling


Senior Graphic Designer / Irson Aliaj

Creative Director / Ivica Spasovski

Account Manager / Albi Beqiraj

Media Supervisor / Elona Zebi


Production House / Triangle Productions