Carrefour: Indisputable purchase benefits through the ‘Avantazh’ card

Carrefour Albania, the largest retail chain in the country, sought to launch its dedicated loyalty card for the first time. The new purchasing tool, was designed to be immediately activated upon application, and would initially allow for immediate discounts for selected products, while future rewards would be added to existing benefits.

The agency was to conceive branding and implementation of this novel tool by Carrefour Albania, and an integrated communication campaign, including ATL, BTL, PR and Digital. Some of the main media channels used include radio spot, billboard, city lights, flyer and in-store activation. The deliverables’ list was both professionally appealing and challenging.

The card should attract but also be faithful to the company’s identity and the actual benefits, including future envisioned rewards.

Creative formulation

Copy-wise, the selected name for the card was “Avantazh” (Eng: Advantage), while the slogan was rendered to “Indisputable purchase benefits”. Both the name and the promise fully represent the card attributes and are faithful to what it planned to deliver. The card itself gives its holder an immediate frontrunner position in acquiring direct discounts, and the same counts for the “benefits” which are real, true and unquestionable – hence indisputable. The hard facts behind the tool were not merely indicative but more of an enforceable nature, affecting the copy and visual identity also. The latter appeared neat, strong and assertive.

Campaigning for Avantazh

Similarly, an assertive but pleasantly-polite pattern was followed for the radio spot and flyer, while the root copy was implemented in outdoor applications and in-store activations. Same pattern was followed for Facebook, where communications were adapted for online audiences, trends and community guidelines. An article, highlighting the card’s benefits in a translatable and digestible way for literate audiences was published in a monthly lifestyle magazine, being faithful to the tone of publication and to readers’ interests and fancies.


Senior Graphic Designer / Irson Aliaj

Creative Director / Ivica Spasovski

PR Manager / Ervin Qafmolla

Account Manager / Jonida Zguro

Account Director / Alma Avllazagaj