McCann Tirana targets bad driving on UM Impact Day

McCann Tirana joined on Thursday nearly 60 offices of Universal McCann (UM) Worldwide as part of its global expansion of Impact Day. The latter started two years ago in UM’s New York office, as part of UM’s “Better World” program for acts of volunteer community.

McCann Tirana staff identified as their intervention target motorists in Tirana, Albania’s capital city, where inadequate driving is a sensitive problem, as well as a matter of public debate. In the afternoon, besides several citylights placed around the city, the agency’s team was strategically located in three of the busiest junctions, with a series of combined banners which directly addressed drivers.

The different banners were crafted to be personal and make drivers think of their own mistakes.

  • “The bad driver is always the other person”
  • “You have also overtaken when angry”
  • “You too have honked out of impatience”
  • “You have exceeded the speed limit”
  • “You have forgotten to signal in a turn”
  • “You too have messaged while driving”
  • “Admit it and become the better driver”
  • “You too have forgotten your high beams on”

Reactions were overwhelmingly positive, including police patrols that would slow down with thumbs up, citizens that would smile, take photos and even do high fives, and of course drivers, that would smile, wave their hands, flash their lights and of course… honk, although the latter was explicitly discouraged in one of the banners.

The “Better World” name was inspired by UM’s core client offering of “Better Art Plus Better Science Leading to Better Outcomes”.