A renovative collaboration with Tona Co

Tona Co. is one of the well-known local meat processing companies. With headquarters in the city of Korça, Tona Co’s activity starts back in 1992 and extends nowadays to over 90% of Albanian territory representing a quality range of 80 products.

The company intended to renew one of the most popular products produced in the early ’90s, the “Borgez” salami. One of the premium products of the company, this type of salami would be restored to the market for all customers while maintaining the same quality and same ingredients.

This is exactly what bridges the collaboration between Tona Co’s and McCann Tirana. The main goal was the handling of the launch of the product in a new dimension, going beyond the direct and linear communication of the product itself, and look to the emotional values ​​and the story that the product itself carries.

To this regard, in an attempt to create emotional value with the product, our approach focuses on telling a story tied to the concept of time. Playing with the concept of stopping time and the fact that values ​​have not changed, the story unfolds an experience, a mystical and at the same time attractive one, by teasing the audience’s feelings and curiosity.