Green Office: McCann Tirana implements environmental CSR program

Embracing the global movement of environmental consciousness, McCann Tirana has fulfilled since March 2019 and is carrying through the mission to implement highest environmental-friendly standards.

This initiative started in 2018, when all office lightning was switched to exclusively LED, while all electric appliances have been installed to meet high energy efficiency.

Also, at the beginning of this year a further improvement was decided, so that all future electric equipment will have to meet at least the A++ rating, in accordance with the EU Directive 92/75/EC.

In the first quarter of 2019, the Tirana Office also banned from daily use all non-recyclable plastic, while reducing overall plastic use. Also it is limiting the use of non-recyclable materials in its operations with contractors whenever this is possible.

Limiting waste on paper and all other consumables is an ongoing challenge, which is not being addressed only within office operations, but is has stretched far beyond, by further nurturing environmental consciousness through its staff of over 20 people.

As an emblematic and aesthetical addition to these efforts, all office environment is richly adorned with vertical installations and other introductions of plants and flowers.

While McCann Tirana and the advertising industry overall is characterized by limited environmental footprint, this practical initiative has bigger symbolic importance in emboldening awareness about the future of Albania and our planet through the chain of its clients, contractors and other stakeholders and public.

Additionally, through this initiative, the agency wants to communicate that not only it delivers impactful CSR actions for its clients, but it also lives by the same standards.

The fulfillment of this initiative is part of McCann Tirana 2019 CSR plan, which has been designed and is being implemented in concurrence with the values of McCann Worldgroup and I&F Grupa.