“Tungjatjeta”, a greeting to life

Currently at least 70,000 children with some type of disability have been identified at World Vision’s Area Development Program sites in Albania where Children with Disabilities encounter reduced access to basic social services, education, as well various forms of stigma and discrimination by their families, peers and communities.

Based on this result and problematic economic, social and demographic situation in Albania, World Vision decided to start the donation program for this target of people by launching its first local marketing campaign with the intention of bringing real change to as many of these children and their families as possible.

The Agency’s task was to give voice and power to this challenging and motivational mission. We started by developing a full integrated communication strategy, creating the Brand Identity for the Program and crafting and designing the Visual Style and implementation layouts for the communication channels.

The program name itself holds the power of a well-known local greeting called “Tungjatjeta”, a wish for a longer life. Besides the strong values it holds, it marks the start of a communication, a meeting point between the audience and the children in need. As the greeting is almost forgotten in our daily life, we bring it to life with the wish of recalling human kindness.

tungjatjeta logo

The program logo holds both innocence and strength, a stylized warmed colored sun inspired by childhood drawings and a bold black typography, which visually emphasizes the power of “Tungjatjeta”.

For the campaign launch, McCann Tirana conceived the production of an emotional TV commercial. With a direct tone of voice, it presents the real story of one of the children in need. His world is what the viewers can see and feel, which naturally unfolds a sense of need and understanding.

We invite you to learn more about the program and possibly contribute with a donation on their website: tungjatjeta.al


Senior Art Director / Gazmend Pinjolli

Copywriter, Art Director / Flonia Vasia Gjollma

Account Director / Alma Avllazagaj


Production House / Anima Pictures

Music / “The Sound of Silence” cover by Elina Duni