New identity for AmCham: a harmony of Albanian and American symbols

The American Chamber of Commerce has been operating in Albania for 20 years as a consolidated bridge of cooperation between local, American and international businesses. To reflect the evolution of the organization and the strengthening of business partnerships, a renewed image was needed on this anniversary.

As a member of AmCham for a decade, McCann Tirana, offered its service and expertise in creating a new visual identity, which merges into a single unique element, the representative symbols of both countries.

The project started as a joint initiative to refine the logo of the American Chamber of Commerce in Albania, and creating the new guidelines for the brand, but during the process, the brand developed into a new identity.

amcham logo colors

The representative eagles for both Albania and the United States of America were still the main focus of the brand identity, as a symbol of joint collaborations. Both eagles are part of one body structure, but each of them represents the respective country, inspired by the Albanian double-headed eagle flag.

The colors used for the brand, hold the American flag colors, but merged slightly with a black tonality as the Albanian eagle color, and have a deeper blue as a result. The eagle’s wings are symmetrical and divided as the American flag stripes. With these merged elements, the harmony and balance between both eagles, resembles the harmony and balance of bilateral collaborations.

The identity was further developed into a full brand, with several applications and guides through the new image of the American Chamber of Commerce in Albania.

amcham new logo poster

amcham new logo stationery

amcham new logo brochure

amcham new logo letterhead

amcham new logo tote bag

amcham new logo rroll up

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Art Director / Nertila Pere

Junior Art Director / Anila Kondi

Creative Director / Flonia Vasia Gjollma

Client Service Director / Celtina Lloshi