More than a report: McCann Tirana unfolds AADF’s record of achievements

Established in 2009, AADF is the largest non-for-profit organization in Albania and focuses on The Education and Leadership Program building and executing projects related to the youth education sector; Entrepreneurship Program supporting growth of the private sector; The Cultural and Eco-Tourism Program, focusing on Albania’s cultural heritage and history with domestic and international audiences.

Since its inception, AADF has had a history of growth where each consecutive year has been overlapping the last by vast numbers. To this end, the success of the AADF’s investments has also served as a catalyst to spur other actors to join in. As result, more than US$ 80 million in additional investments generated from other international and domestic partners, who have joined AADF in its efforts and projects across Albania.

To celebrate this achievement, the AADF tasked the creative team of McCann Tirana to design and produce an Annual Report that reflects this mindset of growth over the years. The creative task was to design and produce a single document that would provide a different experience with each page and yet keep the consistency as an unseen link to the strong value of the content presented.

AADF - Report 2017 | Experience

To tackle this challenging task, the agency developed a complete style guide that would offer enough flexibility to retain consistency as well as attract the attention of the reader with different layouts be that in visual or content.

Because the scope of projects that AADF is developing are coming from different areas in Albania, creating the visual layouts based on documented photography coming from different sources proved to be a difficulty. And yet with careful crafting and color grading the end result and the final production was beyond the expectation.

Using a unique book bounding method, as well as a great selection of fine papers, the annual report lays flat from the first page up to the last one, offering the reader a unique and seamless reading experience like no other annual report.

Building upon the thorough feedback from the AADF, the report focused in projects with stories from people involved or impacted through AADF’s mission. This approach guided the project into a unique annual report with stories, achievements and deeds from the people, transforming the final product in a book that has a meaning.

You can browse a digital copy of the report on the AADF website.


Senior Account Manager / Albi Beqiraj

Art Director / Ana Hoxha

Creative Director / Gazmend Pinjolli