10 Years of German October in Albania

This year marked the 10th anniversary of what has now become a tradition of the German Embassy in Albania: The “German October”. With a month long series of events and activities such as movies, concerts, theatre plays, art galleries etc. the German Embassy celebrates once again in this anniversary the strong friendship between Albania and Germany. For the third year in a row, McCann Tirana was given the task to create the visual identity of the event.

Inspired by this year’s thematic, 10 years of the German October in Albania, the agency used a colourful, festive visual style. With the number itself and geometrical shapes, our creative team created a continuous pattern, creating an attractive, young and authentic style. The lively colours used made for an outstanding visual.

The Key Visual was also extended to a brochure, which was different from the previous two years which served as an Events Calendar. The brochure provided the public with all the information for each of the events planned in October. The new brochure was well received by the public both for its design and for its new format.

An OOH campaign was also implemented in key areas in Tirana.


Art Director / Flonia Vasia Gjollma

Account Manager / Albi Beqiraj

Account Director / Alma Avllazagaj

Media Supervisor / Elona Zebi