Coca-Cola Summer Festival rocks Tirana

For the first time ever in Albania on July 6th, at Skanderbeg Square, the international giant of non-alcoholic beverages, Coca-Cola, organized a Summer Festival in Tirana that brought together the most well-known local singers. The 23.500 people attending the event were entertained with music, humor, surprising promotional activities and more for three full hours. The organization of this massive event by McCann Tirana, once again showed the high professionalism, as well as the values that the agency has been bringing to Albanian market for many years now.

Long time ago in Albania we were used to enjoying these types of events only through the small TV screen broadcasting events from our neighboring countries such as Italy and Greece. The wait for this type of show to come to Tirana was long but Coca-Cola finally made it possible for the Albanian audience. There was no doubt that a show like this would quickly become the main summer music event in the capital of Albania.

What made this event great? Many things, such as the artists, the surprises that were part of the event, the chosen moderators etc,  and the name of the brand was on top of it all.

More than 23,500 people had the opportunity to attend and enjoy a 3 hour long music festival, which will become the biggest summer music event in Albania in the years to follow.

Together with the Client, we thought it was the right time to bring this Festival to Albania, so on July 6th, after months of planning and hard work, it was brought to life at Skanderbeg Square in Tirana. The objective was clear to everyone, this event had to be a spectacular experience and turn into something that everyone in Albania would wait for. For this reason we worked on a stage and show that was not only dedicated to the audience present in the square but to all the Albanians that had the chance to watch it on national TV.

The event was full of surprises. The theme of the show itself was dedicated to the new product that Coca-Cola was about to present, a new and improved taste for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Zero Calories! All the people attending the event had the chance to try this new and improved taste and enjoy it along with the great music.

The lineup of the singers performing at the big stage of the Coca-Cola Summer Festival was impressive as well, where the best local artists were chosen, as well as the audience favorite

Another impressive element that attracted a lot of attention was the scenography and animated led screens.

For the first time ever in Tirana, the front part of the Palace of Culture served as a full natural giant scene for the artists to perform. The whole building became part of the stage and the lights, an all the impressive effects made the Scanderbeg Square come to life for more than three hours.

Behind all of this organization for the first edition of Coca-Cola Summer Festival was the great effort and dedication from all the staff of McCann Tirana and its partners. This hard work delivered on its promise and materialized in a great event.

Albi Beqiraj, the Account Manager of The Coca-Cola Company at McCann Tirana said: “This project was very challenging in many ways but also a great experience. When you think of Coca-Cola you immediately think of one of the biggest and most valuable global brands which means everything you do for them needs to be perfect and the result needs to be amazing. I believe that the hard work our agency and partners put into this project paid off as the outcome was impressive. This first year has set the bar really high for the Coca-Cola Summer Fest editions that will follow but we will take on the next challenge with excitement, looking forward to the 2018’s edition”.

The idea was to create an identity that would be timeless and could be used in the years to follow but also adaptable to the unique theme that each edition of the festival would bring. The creative department at our agency worked on the visual that would communicate the event which was evolving around three main elements: the event logo, the theme of “surprise” and also the summer feelings. The agency created and implemented a detailed communication campaign that was transmitted throughout different channels as well. The Coca-Cola Summer Festival received also a special assessments from the Municipality of Tirana who was also one the Partners.