Intesa Mobile: Walking the thin line between technology and freedom

Intesa Mobile is the latest service to be launched by Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania and the first advertising campaign from the collaboration with McCann Tirana.

Our society is rapidly becoming very technology oriented and the fast-paced lifestyle weighs time. This is why Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania has brought to its customers a product which conveniently aids in managing finances on-the-go. Through Intesa Mobile, customers are free to access their accounts and benefit from carrying out transactions wherever they are and most importantly at any time.

This is where the creative concept was inspired from. Focusing on the benefit of time, as a means to freedom, by firmly showing the other side: waiting in line as a mean of wasting time. Such a simplistic idea that immediately connects with the audience, by showing briefly that familiar feeling of waiting in line and how liberating it actually is when you think of how many different ways you can spend that amount of time.

A different visual approach was developed, making Intesa Mobile stand out from the usual mobile banking communication. Our efforts were keen to merge conceptual advertising with the real product, making it very appealing for the target group.

The campaign embraced digital media as the main media channel by creating web only content in the form of a captivating series of videos. The videos placed viewers in front of a guessing game, prompting an action in order to reveal the whole picture while subtly illustrating the main benefits of the Intesa Mobile app. The digital campaign was further expanded to ATL and BTL channels.


Senior Art Director / Gazmend Pinjolli

Art Director / Flonia Vasia Gjollma

Senior Graphic Designer / Irson Aliaj

Account Director / Alma Avllazagaj

BTL Manager / Energita Cekrezi

Account Manager / Elvin Civici