Eco Market, living healthy online

We at McCann Tirana are big fans of eating healthy and consequently, we took great pleasure in assisting the expanding Albanian retail company, Eco Market, in solidifying its visual identity and creating a fresh and representative image online.

Given our experience in the retail business, the Agency was trusted with a specific request: the launch of a new website that would provide a solid upgrade on technology, structure and content over the current one.

The approach was clear: merging the latest technology with responsive design and a powerful and easy to use CMS thus giving the website longevity, a user-friendly feeling, easier access across different devices and a handful way to morph its structure with a content strategy as its backbone.

Additionally, the agency opted for a proactive approach regarding photography to be used on the new website. A photoshooting session preceded the launch of the website in one of the newly launched markets. Our team went for a slightly unorthodox approach. The images intentionally choose to put the focus on the products more so than on the surroundings bringing a different feel to the market, aiming to bring consumers closer to the market without any kind of boundaries.

A photo speaks more than a thousand words. Make sure you have a look at our selection from the photoshooting and don’t forget to visit Eco Market’s brand new website.


Senior Art Director / Gazmend Pinjolli

Account Executive / Joni Zhamo

Account Director / Alma Avllazagaj

Digital Account Manager / Elvin Civici

Photographer / Geljant Kaleci