McCann Tirana’s Eagle: Being everywhere at the right time


The Centenary of Albania’s independence was the event of the year for the country, celebrated by everyone: the government, businesses big and small, organizations, and individuals. In a situation where an overload of wishes and messages is guaranteed, how does McCann Tirana stand out organically and cost-effectively?

Produce a content-driven campaign that establishes McCann Tirana as the creator and the messenger through a hybrid approach of inbound marketing, corporate social responsibility, OOH and print advertising.

McCann Eagle poster shqiponja


The visual was one of the two creative directions proposed by the Agency in the competition for the official visual of the Centenary celebrations. The objective of the Visual was to create awareness for Albania’s 100th Anniversary of Independence across all age groups. McCann Tirana’s visual is anchored in the tradition, heritage, ethnography and antiquity of Albanians. As a visual representation of the cultural variety of all Albanian regions coming together as an eagle, our national symbol, it calls for cultural unification.

Eagle petition

Eagle shqiponja petition approved



A petition addressed to Google, requesting a Google Doodle to mark the Centenary, started going viral and reached us. As a sign of support for an initiative we like, we contacted the initiator of the petition and offered him our Visual as the visual of this online petition.

Eagle social media coverage


With around 27,000 signatories, who view our Visual and learn who made it, the petition gets picked up by the media. Indirectly, the agency gains visibility in the first TV station in Albania. To ensure ownership of the visual, we joined the frenzy about the petition and the Visual on the social media and noticed that people had started using the visual on their profiles.

The Eagle OOH


In collaboration with media partners, we covered two important communication touch-points for the Albanian audience: OOH and print. The result was a successful experiment in reaching to the audience with a combination of consumer involvement, social media, OOH and print. Google had a doodle celebrating the 100th anniversary of Albania and our Visual reached 77,411 people signing the petition and many others through TV, print, OOH, and social.

Google doodle for Albania's centenary of independence


Senior Graphic Designer / Flonia Vasia

Account Manager / Elona Zebi

Account Executive / Eralba Hysi

Art Director / Gazmend Pinjolli

Client Service Director / Çeltina Lloshi