TAP project: Ceremony for the arrival of the first gas pipes in Albania

In April, the biggest project for the natural gas pipeline in Europe, Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), entered the construction phase in Albania, a process that started with the arrival and transportation of the pipes. 
To mark this step, TAP asked from the agency to organize an inauguration event at the largest yard of pipes piling, in Spitallë. The event was conceived in three parts, where in the first one the project’s milestones were mentioned through speeches, in the second part, the first pipe that arrived in Albania was signed while in the third part a space was dedicated to networking between the guests and the contractors that TAP has contracted to complete the pipeline.   
Organization of this event also included the creative informative content, creative design of all elements, space decoration, proposals of the terrain arrangement, implementation of the floorplan and the supervision of the agenda’s progress.
The biggest challenge in the process was the treatment of only 450m², from 90,000m² of the yard size in total. The pipes that were piled in distance from the area where the event was going to happen should serve as a background for the speeches’ podium.


It was also important that the huge size of the yard should be visible, in the meantime the guests should be informed about technical details regarding pipes and the piling yard.



The event hosted 150 guests, highlighting the Prime Minister, Mr. Edi Rama, the Minister of Energy and Industry, Mr. Damian Gjiknuri and high representatives of TAP project. The event was covered live from some of the most important national and local TV stations, while after the event, the news was covered by all online, print and TV media.