McCann Tirana chosen to create visual identity of Belgrade International Theatre Festival 2022

Belgrade International Theatre Festival (BITEF), one of the largest and most prominent European festivals from more than a half a century, starts today on 23rd of September its 56th edition with performances from Germany, Belgium, Mexico, France, Serbia, Slovenia, and the United Kingdom.

Every year the festival comes with a new visual identity and a new theme. This year, “We – heroes of our work” was the chosen slogan, and for its identity I&F group, the creative partner of BITEF for the fifth year, opened an internal competition involving all McCann agencies.

The solution that prevailed was the work of one of McCann Tirana’s’ graphic designer Erjeta Murrja, while the creative process was led by Flonia Vasia, creative director.

“Since I read the slogan it inspired me, and the whole idea started from my personal experience. My mom is a hairdresser, and I was inspired from the fact that she works hard and still loves her work. Even in the simplest human story, you find inspiration from their strength and resilience, and how those overcome all odds. And this is the strength that I wanted to convey in the visual. It represents in a symbolic way that despite all the difficulties we face, we always find the strength to move forward,” explains Erjeta.

In the visual the pliers symbolize a force majeure which is driven by the system or even by unavoidable circumstances that create challenges and difficult situations which often lead to obstacles. If hard work is done in overcoming these difficulties, societies can grow, learn, and embrace this new reality raising true heroes of today.

Our creative Director Flonia Vasia stated for the Press Conference of the festival: “For everyone at McCann Tirana it is a pleasure beyond words to represent BITEF this year. Art is an indefinite form that goes beyond borders and shapes humanity. Its truth reflects the inner power that lies in each of us, and the visual itself represents that power. Even when the odds are stacked against us, we have an admiring human resilience and the full potential to overcomes all struggles.”