Webhelp recruitment campaign wins your heart in every language

After its first year in Albania, Webhelp, the leading company in Europe for business solutions and customer care, planned a recruiting campaign that would target fluent speakers of several foreign languages.

McCann’s creative approach was to attract fluent speakers of each language with a humorous take, by showing them a word for word translation of popular Albanian idioms and phrases.



The campaign attracted the audience’s attention with sentences in English, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, which do not make any sense in the first read, only to realize after a few seconds that they are standing in front of a typical Albanian phrase which could use better translation.



The used media was Outdoor and Digital Outdoor (LED screens), supported by a Social Media campaign which captured many smiles and hundreds of job applications.




Creative Director / Flonia Vasia Gjollma
Art Director / Nertila Pere
Junior Art Director / Anila Kondi
Junior Art Director / Kristi Çunga
Media Planner / Eda Brahimi
Media Manager / Elona Zebi
Head of Digital / Jonida Zguro