TIP: The gateway to tourism innovation

GIZ is an international organization that, through the German Government, operates in Albania to achieve objectives in the field of cooperation on sustainable development. The GIZ/SRD program focuses on rural development and promotes income opportunities in rural areas by increasing the competitiveness and diversification of agriculture, increasing the value of biodiversity, and the potential of rural tourism for employment-creating activities. One of the many interesting projects is TIP, where dozens of tourism professionals have contributed with their ideas for the creation of a tourism product related to nature, cultural heritage, cuisine, or adventure in rural areas. As a communication partner of SRD for more than 5 years, McCann Tirana was engaged in the creation of TIP’s brand identity along with the communication campaign for this platform.

The logo symbol is inspired by a sans-serif typography and is subsequently refined into a compact logotype. It’s forms are characterized by a regular and geometric nature, featuring smoothed corners for a welcoming and approachable appearance. This logo is the result of blending a lively narrative drawn from Albania’s vibrant natural beauty and a vision for exploring tourism in the most innovative way. It aims to represent the splendid aspects of Albanian nature in a straightforward and unified symbol.

In the core creative message, we creatively placed a connection between tourism experts and the primary project name, igniting their curiosity and capturing the attention of our target audience. We extended a warm and uplifting tone, encouraging them to embrace their uniqueness and bring their ideas to fruition. To maximize the impact of our campaign, we devised a series of tactical messages that expanded upon the core creative concept. These custom messages were tailored to reach tourism professionals across various sectors of rural tourism related to nature, cultural heritage, culinary, and adventure.

To officially launch the campaign, we utilized a dynamic animated video with the brand visual style that spotlighted the core campaign message, introducing and promoting the initiative. Additionally, we crafted other posts in alignment with the campaign’s visual style to disseminate the tactical campaign messages.


Art Director / Kristi Çunga

Art Director / Anila Kondi

Creative Director / Flonia Vasia Gjollma

Head of Digital / Jonida Zguro

Social Media Manager / Laudio Topçiu

Client Service Director / Çeltina Lloshi