Connect Albania, a new initiative for a better future

Connect Albania Program is an innovative investment boosting mechanism established in the framework of the IOM Albania Project “Engage the Albanian Diaspora to the social and economic development of Albania”. Connect Albania facilitates the engagement of the Albanian Diaspora who lives abroad into their home country development, as development agents to attract and boost the potential investment among Albanian and foreign communities through the online mechanism.

The program brand image creation and the campaign development and implementation were assigned to McCann Tirana. Inspired by what the program itself represents, the brand reflects a chain link connection created by the first letters of both words “Connect” and “Albania”. Merging into a visual continuity, the logo holds a unified harmonious balance, that applies in all the implemented visuals.

connect albania logo

connect albania stationery

connect albania poster

connect albania leaflet

The main campaign commercial features in an emotional way the real stories of Albanian and Italian entrepreneurs who are united by the same reason, their love for Albania, and their engagement to make this country better. Around a dinner table, they talk freely to each other, tell their stories in a cozy and inviting atmosphere and present the program through their own experiences.

The entrepreneurs featured in the campaign video, were engaged online and actively supported the launching of the program on their social channels.

connect albania social media

The campaign focused on digital and social media channels, targeting Albanian Diaspora in Italy and Italian entrepreneurs interested in investing in Albania, reaching more than 300,000 unique people and driving more than 30,000 visits to Connect Albania website. Additionally, it was combined with a PR Campaign which earned coverage in 30 Italian online news media.


Junior Art Director / Anila Kondi

Art Director / Nertila Pere

Junior Art Director / Kristi Çunga

Creative Director / Flonia Vasia Gjollma

Client Service Director / Çeltina Lloshi

Senior Account Manager / Jonida Zguro

Social Media Manager / Aurora Sotiri


Production House / Nilor Studio