Brand identity for ESPID4Vjosa: protecting the wild river with knowledge and science

ESPID4Vjosa is a project by EcoAlbania and Euronatur, that aims to strengthen efforts for the sustainable development of the Vjosa river basin, providing scientific information to the responsible institutions, as well as creating bridges of cooperation between decision makers, scientists, civil society, and the public.

It will also try to change the current fragmented and disconnected clime of the engaged stakeholders in the water management sector and require active cooperation & coordination between them.

The project of brand image creation was assigned to McCann Tirana.

The logo symbol is inspired on three main elements: nature (flora and fauna), the shape of the river and the land.

The elements are visually crafted to create a natural aura around the project name. The river floats under the bridge, to harmonically connect with the vegetation.

The river graphic is used as a brand device through all the stationaries and visuals. The elements connection, reflect the project aim as well as the nature richness and harmony.

Creative Director / Flonia Vasia Gjollma
Art Director / Nertila Pere
Account Manager/ Pavlo Lera
Media Manager / Elona Zebi