AADF Annual Report 2021: A mission to shape the future

McCann Tirana has been the communication partner of the Albanian-American Development Fund, AADF since 2018. Due to a fruitful collaboration, for the fifth year in a row, our agency was entrusted to curate the creative flow of AADF’s annual report.

Surpassing last years report, the concept for the 2021 annual report focused solely on the digital format, by embracing the eco-friendlier approach.

The challenge of course was greater for our creative team to come up with something that brought forth a significant narrative of all the milestones that AADF exceeded on many cultural, social, touristic, and economic projects.

The innovative approach that our team followed through, centered on highlighting the most relevant and interesting data.

Our intention was to ensure that everyone that opened the AADF annual report would experience it as a voyage in space and time.

For a full experience, you can check out the digital format of the AADF Annual Report 2021. You can also check our earlier work for AADF.

Update: This project is selected as one of the best annual reports from Readymag. For more, you can read the article here.


Creative Director / Flonia Vasia Gjollma
Art Director / Nertila Pere
Junior Art Director / Kristi Çunga
Client Service Director / Çeltina Lloshi
Account Manager/ Pavlo Lera
Head of Digital / Jonida Zguro