AADF Annual Report 2020: a bold narrative

For the fourth year in a row, McCann Tirana was chosen to be the communication partner of AADF, the Albanian-American Development Fund, to curate the creative of its annual report.

AADF Annual Report 2020 came with an innovation: apart the traditional printed report, this time the relevant and interesting data was also highlighted through an interactive digital format.

AADF Annual Report 2020 hardcover creative

Although 2020 was tough on everyone, it didn’t stop AADF from carrying through with its commitment in a wide range of fields- cultural, social, touristic and economic. For our creative team, it was paramount to draw up a meaningful narrative of AADF achievements in this very difficult period of time.

AADF Annual Report 2020 main section with colors

AADF Annual Report 2020 descriptive section

AADF Annual Report 2020 main section with image

AADF Annual Report 2020 section with images

Our bold approach for the data visualization builds on geometric shapes and flaring images, so that even the smallest detail won’t escape the eye. Our intention was to create the impression of a mixed media technique applied digitally.

For a full experience, you can check out the digital format of the AADF Annual Report 2020. You can also check our earlier work for AADF.


Creative Director / Flonia Vasia Gjollma

Art Director / Nertila Pere

Junior Art Director / Kristi Çunga

Client Service Director / Çeltina Lloshi

Account Executive / Milva Avrami

Head of Digital / Elvin Civici