Advertising, the art of change

Not many years ago, the concept of change was perceived as meaningless and unnecessary. Now, in the ever-changing landscape of a globalized Albania, we are driven towards constant change. Even more so, if you are working in the field of advertising. 

To discuss about how advertising has reshaped the modern art of design, the Creative Director of McCann Tirana, Flonia Vasia Gjollma, was invited on the show “Modern Times” on RTSH, the Albanian national TV channel. Flonia focused her conversation on how important it is to seek innovation in the advertising industry when it comes to creative.

“Passion is what made me choose to shift my professional future towards advertising. Creativity and the freedom of thought is what shapes me every day. In a world of continuous change, our ability to adapt and improve is impressive and this is what defines our future and our industry. With this continuous innovation, nowadays we find ourselves in front of new technologies, and with the right ability to absorb and process it, we can reshape our industry. I have followed this career path believing in change, the power of thought and the freedom to create, and I encourage all youngsters that are willing to join this industry to do the same.”

Coming from a very important family in the history of Albanian painting, that of the often called “Albanian da Vinci”, Kolë Idromeno, our creative director also talked about developing her passion in a very different way from her ancestors.