We are looking for an Art Director!

We are currently looking for an Art Director that can share our passion for advertising, eager to jump aboard and work with some of the biggest clients in the market.
What does it really mean to be an Art Director?
An Art Director produces brand-true, strategically sound and conceptually inventive ideas/solutions/executions in all media. An Art Director possess strong visual language and strategic thinking skills to conceive and execute digital solutions consistent with client-approved creative strategies. An Art Director also asks the right questions, and looks for new ways to interpret the digital challenge. An Art Director understands the brand and can articulate and present concepts in a logical manner. An Art Director is involved in creating campaigns that have instant, positive impact on the consumer in order to promote the product or brand being advertised.
What is expected from you? We have tried to arrange a thorough list.
Craft & Technical skills
• Keeps abreast of current cultural trends, the latest technological advances and new media formats.
• Demonstrate strong and rich visual language.
• Passion for art and motion graphics.
• Adept at Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and other Creative Suite software.
• Good knowledge of UI/UX design workflows and digital tech development programs.
• Skilled in the areas of conceptual, systematic, and graphic design.
• Proficient Technical Skills:
• Solid understanding of Visuals, Photography, Typography with the aim of application across all media.
• Quality photo-editing and image development skills.
• Demonstrated burgeoning understanding of: Color theory and color relationships. Typographic terms that identify type forms and the specifications required to refer to typographic settings (i.e., points, leading, picas, kerning, tracking, cap-height, x-height etc.).
• Perspective and space relationships.
• Demonstrated ability to provide effective direction at shootings.
• Demonstrated ability to effectively check and approve work for all mediums.
• Demonstrated ability to effectively collect electronic materials for output.
• Ability to recognize, review and approve quality work from junior team members.
Minimum Qualifications
• Degree in design, or visual arts. A bachelor (4 year) degree is preferred.
• 3-5 years art direction or design experience.
• Demonstrated portfolio of creative work.
• Portfolio or Behance / Dribbble profile (Digital preferred)
• A short Bio/Resume/CV describing experience, achievements, education and trainings.
• A short written form of why you want to work with us
Still interested? Then drop us a line here: info@mccann.al.
Only selected candidates will be contacted for the second phase.