Agency wins Quodev Image Building and Creative consultancy of pitch

McCann Tirana is proud to announce that in March 2012 we won the pitch for the Image Building and Creative consultancy of the new Social Enterprise Quodev, supported by Oxfam International.


The objective was to achieve a strong brand image around Quodevthat is expected to encourage donors and potential customers to propose Quodevservices to their collaborators and networks.


Agency's task was to build an identity that can help to easily identify Quodevas a unique and professional service, and yet it's social at the core; to create a brand that is caring and cooperative and additionally be trendy and advancing. In a short timeframe we managed to present different creative approaches, which were very appreciated from the client.


The winning solution has custom handcrafted letters and forms that are following a "logic of creation" from the basic shape up to text styling and design thematic and communication device to achieve a brand unification at highest level. Additionally as planned MCE managed to implement a 360° brand development that positively got applied from the Internal Communication and Office Literature up to Online Content Creation, Web page design & Programming.