The strong messages of art

Almost every day we hear news or stories about violence or extreme acts. This makes us often think that we have to do something to change this reality. Art is one of the ways.
This was also the purpose of the meeting that was organized at the end of May in the center of Tirana, at the installation called “Cloud” titled "Reliable Voices in Preventing Violent Extremism".
Through several panels, attended by artists, youth organizations, students, pedagogues, social workers from pre-university education institutions in Tirana, including parents board, women's groups, civil society activists, media outlets and media reporters were discussed good practices that helps young people to stay far away from radicalization.
One of those panels was dedicated to artists who used art to convey messages against acts of violent content. In this context, "Respect the Living Too", the campaign brought to life by McCann Tirana was also discussed.
Flonia Vasia, Art Director at the agency McCann Tirana also creative communication expert said during her speech that: "In the field of communication, the greatest achievement is the recognition of human nature, the way they think, their instincts. To tell the truth when there is overload of information, this is the strongest point. With the awareness campaign "Respect the Living" we chose to talk directly to the public. We used the element of tradition as the most effective way to give our message of tolerance and respect for human nature".
These discussions were completely informal and interactive. Artists, but also different experts discussed how art contributes to raising awareness, informing, addressing factors, and preventing negative behaviors.
This project relied on the experiences of more than 20 Albanian civil society activists, journalists, religious community representatives, etc., which were part of an US Department round table titled "Amplify Reliable Voices" organized in Pristina (April 2016). 
More than 120 people participated in this event.