McCann Zagreb, Agency of the Year in Croatia

McCann Zagreb, which is part of I&F McCann Grupa, was named best agency in Croatia. The Agency of the Year award was presented at the national festival IdeaX for original ideas that break new ground, regardless of the type of media in which they are presented.
Awards in Rovinj were attended by the founder of I&F McCann Grupa, Srđan Šaper, who pointed out that this is yet another confirmation of the good direction the agency is taking in the region, in which I&F McCann Grupa has been operating for two decades.
“We try to make our agencies the best locally, and to make them a tight performing team together. When people from several countries work together to give excellent results, it helps them to be the best in their own market as well. Two years ago McCann Zagreb became part of our team and the result this good is proof that we have set a good course of business. Our idea is to employ the best people everywhere, those who are willing to push the boundaries and who are not afraid of responsibility. Our slogan is ‘people power’ and the award for the best agency is, in fact, the award for the best people. This is the best incentive for our young team to be even better for their clients and for our group as a whole,” said Srđan Šaper.
Tomislav Presečki, Managing Director at McCann Zagreb, on this occasion said: “The Agency of the Year award at the national festival of advertising Days of Communication confirms that the coordinated agency team is fully dedicated to achieving the goal of being the best agency in Croatia. Special thanks go to our clients without whose trust and support the awards would not be possible, and the partnership approach in creating campaigns obviously gives excellent business results. For me personally, as well as for the entire agency, this success is the best motivation to be even better.”
Daniel Vuković, Chief Creative Officer, McCann Zagreb, adds: “In the last few years, McCann has always been in the top of IdeaX. Therefore, the fact that this year we are at the very top is natural and logical for us. It’s nice to get confirmation of the industry, but much more important for us is the internal energy that we share in the agency. To have a collective full of individuals who respect, love and help each other is more important than the title of the Agency of the Year, because it is only a result of the energy we have.”
"I firmly believe that every good and unreservedly invested effort must eventually be rewarded, and this significant recognition of McCann Zagreb as the best agency in Croatia has strengthened my conviction. Being the agency of the year on a competitive market such as Croatia is a great success, and I am extremely proud of the whole team behind this result. I am personally convinced how much faith, hard work, dedication, and energy was invested in the past year and how much this award will mean for our future work. Our greatest power are people – those with whom we worked and still work, but also those for whom we work, and so I would like to thank our clients, who were willing to support us and trusted that together we can realise such campaigns. Once again I sincerely congratulate all on these achievements!" added Vladimir Dimovski, Chief Operating Officer of McCann Adriatic.
In addition to awards at IdeaX, agency McCann Zagreb won big in the Effie Awards, the prestigious awards for outstanding and effective advertising.
I&F McCann Grupa, parent company of McCann Zagreb and UM Zagreb, does not stop at the successes in the region of Southeast Europe. Last year the Group expanded its operations in the Nordic countries, and now operates in 12 markets, covering 58 million people.