Generating Integrated Ideas: One Day Workshop part of Creative Week 2016

Under the umbrella of Creative Week activities, McCann Tirana will open its doors for eager and interested youngsters with an interest in design and advertising to participate in a workshop and show to them a typical working day of an advertising agency.
Participants will have an overview of the working process in a modern advertising agency, starting from the client request, briefing, generating and presenting the ideas with the team.
That being said, we invite everyone that is curious, interested or passionate about design and the advertising industry to participate.
AGENDA: Tuesday, November 15th
14:00 - Introduction - Meet the Agency and the People
14:30 - Short Presentation on McCann Tirana by Mrs. Suela Shtylla, Managing Director
14:45 - The Briefing Room - How to create for the Brands
15:15 - Short 15 minutes Break
15:30 - Working with Creative Briefs
16:00 - Workshop Coaching to successful idea generation
17:00 - Presentation and Open Discussing on generated Ideas
You can find our offices on Google Maps and below you can even book your seat. You'll need quick fingers as the number of seats is limited.
Creative Week is part of Design Overview in Tirana, an annual event about visual communications in traditional and non-traditional media.


We were so overwhelmed by the attendance and enthusiasm that we felt compelled to blog about it.