Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania: A connecting bridge of creativity

An earlier project for Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania saw the Agency tasked with a very particular objective: creating a bridge between the bank and the Albanian Post.


The communication aimed to create general awareness on the new service that Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania along with the Albanian Post are providing for its customers, as well as push initiations to use this particular service.
For the creative solution, the Agency was inspired by what stands in the human insight of the specific target group, a segment of individuals from 35-50 years old with a traditional and somehow old-fashioned mindset and behavior. The idea was to recall their memories: what the Albanian Post symbolizes for them and the image that comes to mind when they think of this institution.
In this direction, the Agency has creatively merged the symbol of the Albanian Post with Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania, by communicating this service in a very direct and lighthearted positive way. Visually elegant design techniques which are very stylized and transmit that warm feeling we aimed to obtain when the customers see it, accompanied by a simple and straightforward message. This whole positive atmosphere reinforces the whole impact of the campaign as well highlights the effectiveness of using this service.