German October: Celebrating together 25 years of freedom and unity

Following up to last year’s successful experience, The German Embassy in Tirana opted to collaborate with McCann Tirana for a second consecutive year regarding the traditional event of “German October”.


Last year, The German Embassy in Tirana sought to break the routine through a powerful visual identity for the “German October” and promote the strong, borderless ties between the two countries. This year, the emphasis was on celebrating the reunification of Germany and the evolution of Albania while maintaining at the same time a strong focus on the ties between two countries for the last 25 years.
Inspired by this year’s theme, the creative approach aimed to visually perceive colorful celebration through shared historical artifacts. This meant capturing the metamorphosis of what was once a symbol of division into a piece of art, adorned with beautiful graffiti. It also meant turning the cold, static, grey architecture from the communist era, into colorful, friendly and warm urban style, thus clearly resounding 25 years of celebration of our freedom and unity through free art.
The key visual of the campaign swiftly found adaptations into posters, OOH and one unconventional but at the same time very functional brochure, in order to kickstart the awareness campaign.
This is the ninth edition of the “German October”, a month long series of events that celebrate the friendship between Germany and Albania through activities such as theater plays, movies, concerts, discussions, art galleries etc. Visit their website to learn more.