Celebrating our Independence Day together

The Declaration of Independence has morphed November 28th into an intertwining section of history, unity, pride and feast in the collective memory of all Albanians with a promise filled with hope about the modern future of Albania.
The concept started by developing the Albanian traditional cap called ‘qeleshe’ as a main motif on the artwork and adding well known landmarks in the form of old Albanian bridges as a way to connect the hats. The bridge serve at the same time as a symbol that communicates cultural exchange, human interaction and communication.
Furthermore, the figurines represent different people of different ages and professions that add the feeling of our own selves, the image of what we see in ourselves and also the miniature flavour against the vast panorama where we live, where we work and where we create continuous connections.
All the elements brought together aim to be a symbol of life, peace and friendship in a surrealist tablo about a place that brings people together.
Being extremely modest at this point, we have to admit that the final visual greatly surpassed our expectations to have a ‘simple post for Facebook’ and we felt compelled to let you in on every detail.
Lastly, even though some of you might run into this visual in the citylights across Tirana, we thought some of you might also find this great work and might want to have a printed copy in their home. So, if you feel this way, we would like to encourage you to download the poster here and have it printed.
Happy Idependence Day!
McCann Tirana