McCann Tirana, member of the American Chamber of Commerce

McCann is now represented in the largest forum for international and local businesses to exchange and address business related issues.


The Board of the American Chamber of Commerce approved McCann’s membership on April 17th. This way, McCann Tirana is also part of the publications issued by the American Chamber throughout the year, including the Annual Report, the Year Book and the Business Index.
Membership in this recognized business organization has a positive impact in the communication opportunities with a variety of stakeholders and in deepened integration of the agency in the corporate relations and developments in Albania.
Through being updated on the entrepreneurial dynamics, business legal changes and by developing networking with a range of decision makers, McCann brings additional value also for the agency’s clients. As a member, McCann is also invited to make amendments and propose changes to the drafts laws submitted to Am Cham by public institutions.
McCann Tirana also receives regular invitations to participate in international trade shows and conferences, B2B meetings, seminar and training courses, business forums, business roundtables, job fair, networking activities with high government officials, diplomatic and international levels, and social events.