Taxi Drama: McCann Belgrade drives classical theatre the guerrilla way

More than 600,000 views on YouTube is the immediate result of McCann Belgrade campaign “Taxi Drama” in just a few days.
And this is not the case of trying to sell your average product, but rather play live theatre with unsuspecting real-life citizens. The client for such an exploit is the Yugoslav Drama Theatre, e recognised culture institution in the Serbian capital city. 
Three actors from Yugoslav Drama Theatre spent a day in an unfamiliar role – driving a taxi through the streets of Belgrade, reciting their own personal adaptations of renowned dramatic productions to passengers unaware of what was happening. Hidden cameras placed in the vehicles filmed passenger’s reactions whilst listening to the plots of plays “Othello”, “Crime & Punishment” and “The Merchant of Venice”, told in an original way. The plays were placed in real-life scenarios and condensed to the plays most interesting, most shocking and most emotional dramatic moments, lasting just over two minutes. 
“For a creative in an advertising agency one of the biggest satisfactions is when something that we conceptualise for a campaign becomes a part of pop culture and people’s everyday speech. People were already quoting ‘replicas’ from the cab like, “Desa, the apple of your father’s eye”, “Don’t make daddy run you over with his car”, or “That old hag was always hoarding pennies”, says Vladimir Cosic, the creative director of McCann Belgrade, adding: “Using a different approach, we managed to familiarize the wider public with JDP’s plays and effectively proved that so-called “high” art, can be entertaining, exciting and interesting”.
You can watch the three virals below and don't forget to turn the caption on.
Taxi Drama - More exciting than Shakespeare
Taxi Drama - Dostoevsky on Belgrade streets
Taxi Drama - Venetian revenge, Serbian-style