Respect The Living Too: Guerrilla campaign uses tradition to raise pedestrian safety

The awareness campaign for respecting pedestrians by drivers, through a civic action between the cult of death and the cult of life.
“Respect the Living Too!” is the message that the Ministry of Internal Affairs is sending to the Albanian public via a targeted campaign delivered in partnership with McCann Tirana. The campaign was created and implemented by the Agency, voluntarily and at no costs for Albanian taxpayers, as a response to the Ministry’s request for collaboration.
The intervention aiming at educating drivers and pedestrians with regard to traffic rules is of paramount importance considering the data on road accidents and casualties. While pedestrians trying to walk on zebra crossings are often ignored by drivers, the latter do not hesitate to respect tradition, stopping on the spot in front of funeral processions that cross the road.
The campaign concept was focused exactly on this paradox, elevating the cult of life over that of death and placing the spotlight on the living. In 2013, 95 pedestrians lost their life in road accidents in Albania. The guerrilla action put together a procession of 95 people that represented every deceased pedestrian, wearing all black and carrying flowers. As they headed for the zebra lines, traffic stopped immediately to respect the mourners. While crossing the road, members of the cortege stopped and unfolded a banner reading “Respect the living too!” Reactions were different, from astonishment to applauses, but the repeated action was widely well received by drivers and pedestrians alike.
An awareness-raising video was produced to amplify the action via online channels, including social media, and  further expand the campaign’s impact on public education. 


This is one of the very few guerrilla campaigns implemented in Albania, with a focus on direct and unannounced involvement of the targeted community. An essential role in fully realizing the potential of this unique campaign was covered by Kube Studios, our production partners.