McCann Tirana logo to represent Albania in the UN Human Rights Council

Albania’s aspirations to become a member of the United Nations’ Human Rights Council will have their visual identity created by McCann Tirana.
A dedicated logo for this important development was prepared by the agency and was presented in a competition held by the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where several agencies and individuals demonstrated their works. “Albania, candidate for the Human Rights Council 2015-2017” visual identity was presented as a pro-bono contribution to the country’s efforts to join one of the most esteemed institutions of universal values, and McCann’s team engaged to put their best into play, thus being selected as the winning agency.
“Diversity within equality and respect for the other is a unique legacy of Albania’s multicultural and multi-religious community”, McCann Tirana’s Art Director Flonia Vasia says. Ms Vasia, who designed the logo, explains that the composition of the theme elevates a traditional Albanian dance, because in her words, “safeguarding and nurturing humanity is a matter of celebration to us”.
The logo embodies in its essence the spirit of the Human Rights Council nomination. In its heart is the shape of the eagle on the Albanian flag and its symbolic colors, shaped by human traces. Their positioning and dynamics suggest even the Albanian aspiration toward European Union standards in human rights. It has a juvenescent, contemporary, dynamic and multicolor style, to follow the spirit of the new times.

Managing Director of McCann Tirana, Suela Shtylla says the agency contributed with pro bono work, in its long-lasting tradition of always giving its best knowledge and delivering first-rate results. “It is a fine example of collaboration between the public and private sector to achieve an impactful result that benefits the country’s image. We are genuinely pleased that McCann Tirana’s talent and effort contributed in Albania’s commitment to be represented as equal among nations”, Ms Shtylla notes.
In the celebratory event held at the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, McCann Tirana’s team was congratulated for the creative excellence in representing Albania’s candidacy. “I wanted to personally thank you for the contribution. Your logo was the right one for representing Albania in the Human Rights Council. We want to multiply such collaboration in the future”, Minister Ditmir Bushati told the team.