McCann Tirana opens new home on the web

The visual regeneration of the McCann brand is an ambitious project that started last year in New York and it is coming to a close for our agency with our new website.

If you are returning to McCANN.AL after a while or if you are a first-timer, then you will notice a few changes.


We are no longer McCann Erickson Tirana. As our sister agencies around the world, the creative unit of McCann Worldgroupis now simply McCann and we are McCann Tirana. However, dropping the name of one of the agency’s founders does not mean forgetting our past. On the contrary, the new McCann identity looks ahead into the future of communication by being deeply rooted in its past. (Read more about its vision on our blog here.)


Our new site breathes this new identity and serves as the center of the agency’s online life. From here you can link to our Facebook page, our McCANNizmi blog on Tumblr, our Linkedin page, our YouTube channel.


Just like our agency, this website lives and grows with us. Come back regularly to check the latest news about us and our clients. Read about our team. Understand our processes and our results through our selected case-studies.


Drop us a line to talk new business or job opportunities.


It all happens here on our new site.