Yunus Social Business International Conference: A Journey of Self-Awareness

With initial sound results in a number of successful social enterprises, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Muhammad Yunus, co-founder and Chairman of YSB - Global Initiatives, was to visit Albania, to preside the first social business international conference ever held in the country.
The Prime Minister, ministers and dignitaries from national and international institutions were key stakeholders in the conference, along with a multitude of entrepreneurs and students among others. The international conference “The Future of Social Business Entrepreneurship in Albania – Roadmap 2020” aimed to raise awareness and boost social businesses in the country and the region to the next level.
The challenge
The needs for this comprehensive mosaic of developments ranged from Branding to PR and BTL tasks. The conference should not be just another formal event but was projected to provide true and meaningful messages and solution. Thus, the communication around it ought to bring upfront all these aspirations in a faithful way.
Identity unveiled
To make social entrepreneurship a living thing, a projection of future opportunities, a cradle to inspiration and a hub for new ideas, we focused on one of the most inspiring and fragile symbolisms of life and growth: a small plant wanting to become a tree. The herb was designed as the actual entity – a small, two-leaf plant – while its shadow was that of a grown tree, with varicolored leaves and with a more vivid sense than the actual plant.
Journalists, guests and… more journalists and guests
Big events are challenging by nature, and a big-multicomponent one is a real handful. Two tailored press releases with additional explanatory info, program and imagery were sent to all media, while constant handling of reporters and cameras called for agency staff to seriously commit to the task at hand.
By the end of the conference, concrete, high-level agreements to foster social development were reached, public was enthused and the coverage was overwhelming. Pieces from composers such as Bach, Aguado and Barrios, were masterfully brought to life by Petrit Çeku’s solo guitar performance.