Tuborg and Carlsberg: 2014 World Cup activations

In line with the excitement and buzz of the World Cup running wild, the agency was tasked to bring to life two separate activation campaigns for Tuborg and Carlsberg.
The deliverables for both campaigns included Key Visual, table tents, and coupons. The agency also came up with the design of the packaging of the Carlsberg glass, which together with the glass was handed to the winners of the respective activation.
Taking on each activation
To emphasize a connection between Brazil and Tuborg, the visual was designed using the well-known Brazilian flag, whereas for the table tent added the samba elements that thoroughly create a connection with the joyful and spirited Brazilian dance.
The POS elements were activated in various bars throughout Tirana, whereby according to the planned mechanism, the customers who ordered a Tuborg were eligible for the game by receiving and filling out a coupon with their name and a prediction about the final result of the match. Ordering one beer, meant customers would get a free bowl of nachos and if the prediction turned out correct, they would also get the official football of the 2014 FIFA World Cup as a prize.
On the other hand, the Carlsberg visual was designed with a call to action in mind, using the football as the main element with fans cheerfully popping out of it and subtly linking with the love for the game.
Similarly, the POS elements are activated in various bars in Tirana. The Carlsberg mechanism allowed customers to get a coupon and fill it out with the prediction of the game, and in case they won, the prize was also the official football of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. But in case two Carlsberg beers were ordered, customers would also get the classic Carlsberg glass as a prize.