Protik: A brand for innovation

The objective was to create the identity of ITC Innovation Center Protik, which would encompass the mission of the organization: To catalyze the development of Albania’s ICT industry by fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, stimulating demand for ICT, and visualizing its values.


Our creative solution was a complete visual system centered on the Protik logo. The image and visual identity are new effective tools under the organization’s belt to better fulfill its mission.




Composed by three complementary elements – the type, the distinct tick, and the brand description – the Protik logo lives and breathes the essence of our client’s mission and values.  Through its sharp lines, the Protik type in black color gives the brand visual importance. The distinct sign of Protik is a reformed tick mark, symbolizing a developing ICT sector in Albania thanks to the contribution of the organization. The sign is composed of smaller triangles of red, orange, cyan and green colors representing cooperation and collaboration. “ICT Resource Center” serves as an immediate and clear brand description.




The combination of solid colors used in the visual identity of the brand assists in building the perception of a dynamic and powerful organization. Out of the five brand colors, three are distinct Protik colors, created through the collaboration of previous tints. This concert of colors is grounded in the collaboration of PROTIK’s stakeholders.





To facilitate the client in their future branding needs, we provided a detailed architecture of the design. The exact proportions of the logo, as specified in the architecture, guarantee a coherent and correct use of the new visual identity. At the same time, the logo remains flexible to new executions, which may arise in the future.


In addition to delivering a visual identity that grasps the essence of the organization, McCann Tirana consulted the client in image building, its activation and implementation.