The National Internship Program goes digital

The Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, backed by the Council of Ministers of Albania and UNDP, was looking to upgrade its internship program. 
The internship program was started in 2014 and was aimed only at positions in the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, and due to its success, the project was in line for a serious upgrade that included all the ministries and dependent institutions and entities across the country.
The application should be open for all young professionals between 21-26 years old with a bachelor degree and of course with the willingness to better themselves professionally. There were more than 117 institutions and more than 1900 internship positions available and each applicant had the right to a first and second choice.
Given the importance, the scale of the project and the expected number of interested applicants, the task to develop an easy and efficient way of application for all the interested youngsters was left to the capable hands of the agency. 
The vision was to have a digital window that could provide all the needed information regarding the project for the applicants, the application form while also serving as a communication portal for all the questions and updates regarding the internship program.
The agency developed a proper website, sticking to three main pillars: the power of HTML5, the grace of responsive design and a powerful CMS to manage everything. The application form itself was built from the ground up, separately from the page, in order to integrate the logic commands needed for the choice fields and maintain total control and maximum security on application database.
The final result was a state of the art website, rich in photos, videos and other intuitive functions, fully responsive to the browsing device and extremely easy to manage: an astonishing foundation for this edition of the program and future editions as well.
The agency also helped with the visual lift-up of the program, an image that was later on carried to the website, digital banners and a campaign on social media. 
Additionally, the PR campaign, spearheaded by the Prime Minister’s office was launched with a joint conference held by the Albanian Prime Minister, Mr. Edi Rama, with the Minister of Social Welfare and Youth, Mr. Blendi Klosi. And for this event, the agency also prepared a video to highlight the website and the expected impact of this program throughout the country.
By the end of applications, all the efforts seem to have paid dividend: the campaign was able to drive more than 15,000 users to the website providing more than 100,000 pageviews in just 14 days. The conference and the video was used across national TV stations, and all activities resulted in almost 2,700 applications, slightly more than the most optimist expectations at the start of this project.