Prodata: Inspiring Visual Identity

Prodata is a marketing company that offers a wide range of services. Founded in 2013, Prodata rapidly became a leader in telemarketing, always aiming for the best international standards in this new and ever-growing Albanian marketplace. 
Given the relatively late entrance of Prodata in the Albanian market, it was looking for a well-defined Communication Platform as well as a Visual Identity. A new brand positioning was required in order to properly differentiate Prodata in the massively cluttered and highly competitive telemarketing industry. 
The new Visual Identity would have to exhibit the company’s professionalism, quality and excellence. The brand logo and slogan needed to be inspirational in order to communicate the experience and knowledge of Prodata in conducting business and eventually turning dreams into reality. This message was also to be communicated internally as well as externally for employees and youngsters looking to find employment. 
Focusing on the internal communication, Prodata aimed to inspire unity, trust and teamwork. In order to enhance all three, the Agency worked on a concrete plan of activities that would involve all the company’s employees, from senior to junior staff. These activities aimed to boost sense of belonging, educate and inspire the employees for a better, more fun environment and general spirits at the workplace.
Finally, an image communication campaign was also designed and implemented to boost awareness about Prodata and what this company stands for, and at the same time aiming to recruit young and talented people who think of building their future, now.