Lufra’s liquid yogurt and the Hamletian dilemma

At a time when the Albanian consumer selects yogurt based on product density, Lufra, the leading company in the dairy market, and currently the only one offering liquid yogurt, undertook a bold campaign to change the consumer mindset.
After a thorough market and consumer behavior research, special attention was directed at the message that the liquid yogurt preserves the same values ​​and qualities as the classic one. With this in mind, the campaign aimed communicating to younger audiences, considering them more flexible and open to test new products: the ideal potential consumers of the liquid yogurt.
The chosen way of transmitting the message was through a TV commercial that had to necessarily invoke a sense of humor. The dilemma of whether the yogurt is eaten or drunk, was given by the well-known monologue of Hamlet, where Shakespeare's lyrics were appropriately adapted allegorically. The clear treatment of this dilemma by Lufra finally takes the form of a direct message: "There is no room for drama. Lufra’s liquid yogurt is here and yes, you can drink it".
Beside TV, the campaign was further integrated on OOH, digital and POS.